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Scuderia Ferrari Club – Kansas City is an official Ferrari Club, co-owned by Ferrari Group.

We are one of the fastest growing Scuderia Ferrari Clubs, and one of over 200 officially recognized Scuderia Ferrari Clubs in 20 countries.

We are excited you took the time to visit our site and if you’re a true, Tifosi; a Formula One fan and/or dedicated to everything Ferrari, you’ve came to the right place! We are an OFFICIAL, Ferrari factory-supported club and we offer a vast array of benefits to our members. Before we get to the member benefits’, we must stress that you do not need to be a Ferrari owner to join, even though many of our members are owners as well, this is a Ferrari enthusiast’s club!

There is no pre-requisite for membership, just a genuine passion for Ferrari and all activities F1/GT. We are charting new ground for Tifosi in the USA and are ready to bring the PASSION, FORZA FERRARI!!!

Scuderia Ferrari Club – Kansas City is proud to be a sponsor of Crescent Classic Ferrari Rally. Crescent Classic is America’s oldest and most respected Rally honoring Ferrari roads cars and all things Ferrari. In 2019 in Maranello, Italy, Crescent Classic Ferrari Rally was recognized by Scuderia Ferrari Club as an official Ferrari Rally.


As a Scuderia Ferrari Club – Kansas City member, you will receive numerous benefits, ONLY available to official Scuderia Ferrari Club members including PIT ACCESS at the United States Grand Prix, amongst others. As mentioned before, our benefits and events are focused towards enthusiasts and Ferrari owners alike, if you are passionate about all things Ferrari, you will enjoy Scuderia Ferrari Club – Kansas City.

Scuderia Ferrari Club offers unique benefits that can only come from being a member company of the Ferrari Group. No other club can offer the exclusive access to the sporting activities of Ferrari and special events hosted by Ferrari that our members enjoy. The following is a list of just some of the benefits of joining Scuderia Ferrari Club – Kansas City:

Upon joining, you will receive a personalized, membership kit, with the following items:

  • Membership Card
  • SFC Keychain/Lanyard
  • SFC Flag/Bag/Scarf (Varies each year, EXCLUSIVE to SFC)
  • “Signed” Driver Photos (Facsimile Signatures)
  • Hi-Def, Ferrari Photos (Various Models)
  • Official Scuderia Ferrari Club Handbook
  • SFC Sticker set
  • 20% Discount on
  • 20% Discount at the Ferrari Store’s in Maranello, Milan, Catania, London & Ferrari Pit Stop
  • Discounted entry to the Museo
  • Ferrari/Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari (Incl. Store & Restaurant)
  • Factory Tours on Dedicated Days (Usually ONLY reserved for Owners)
  • 30% Discount on subscriptions to “The Official Ferrari Magazine”
  • Exclusive Scuderia Ferrari F1/GT/Challenge Press Releases
  • FREE access to the “EXCLUSIVE” section at
  • Wallpaper/Screensaver downloads, video chats, forums, etc..

Optional Benefits

Ferrari Magazine

THE OFFICIAL FERRARI MAGAZINE is a quarterly: three editions with release in early March, late May and early September and the special edition “Annuario”, which is released in early December.

The promotion reserved for Scuderia Ferrari Club members means that the season ticket costs 175 Euros